CEPESMA Spanish School

Falk Preibing - Germany

I was in Arequipa for two months. I enjoyed my lessons of Spanish, and I'm happy to have chosen this school. I really liked Arequipa, the environment, and the people too! Thanks.

Coralie Rey - France

  While I was  in  Arequipa I  had spanish  lessons which  were wonderfuI  . The teachers are  great! I  definitely recommend the  CEPESMA SPANISH SCHOOL.

Anthony Boyes- England

For  spanish  students I would certainly recommend CEPESMA SPANISH SCHOOL.  Here it is possible to connect with what is the  real Peru. Classes are given in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning and all aspects of  the  language are discussed. my  stay at CEPESMA has rewarded me  with a very much improved ability and  confidence to converse in spanish.



Arequipa City

Arequipa, known as the White City for its beautiful white walls of sillar, a volcanic stone, lies at the feet of the mighty volcanos of Mount Chachani, Mount Misti, and the snow covered peak of Mount Pichu Pichu.

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