Arequipa the White City

Arequipa, is known as the White City for its beautiful white walls, constructed from sillar, a volcanic rock that sparkles in the sun. The City lies at 2335m above sea level at the foot of Volcan Misti, a snowy peak that towers over the town. Downtown Arequipa has been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site, and features Mixed Baroque churches and Mansions from the colonial period as well as the Monastery of Santa Catalina, a Spanish city in miniature with stone streets, beautiful patios and plazas. The Arequipa cuisine irresistable and a complement to any visit.

About four hours from Arequipa is Colca Canyon, an extraordinary, and picturesque canyon carved by the river colca, accessible only on foot or on horseback. A little further afield are the Toro Muerto Petro glyphs, and the Cotahuasi Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world.

Misti Volcano

The volcano that towers over the town has a permanent snowy Cap. It stands at 5825 high, and it is possible to hire a guide at one of the many tourist agencies to provide you with the necessary equipment, and to guide you safely up the mountain. Most agencies also offer climbing tours to Chachani, a more challenging 6000 m. mountain nearby.

Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world. From the canyon rim it is possible to visit the Cruz de Condor, and see the wild condors at close range as they ride the thermals up the canyon edge a little after dawn. Access to the canyon is either on foot or horseback, but hostels and campsites are available in the small villages that are scattered along the valley floor. The fauna here are diverse, as the climate can be cold at the top of the canyon, while palm trees grow in the tourist village of Oasis at the base of the valley.

Santa Catalina Monastery

The monestery was built in 1580 to house the daughters of the cities wealthiest families who had a religious vocation. The nuns lived there, closed off from the outside world, until the monestery finally opened its doors in 1970. Today the monestery is a fascinating place to explore, a small town of its own within the city, with pretty plazas, beautifully kept gardens and an amazing ambience.

Arequipa City

Arequipa, known as the White City for its beautiful white walls of sillar, a volcanic stone, lies at the feet of the mighty volcanos of Mount Chachani, Mount Misti, and the snow covered peak of Mount Pichu Pichu.

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